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The back walls of the Stouffville I.D.A. Pharmacy are adorned with the university degrees of the pharmacists who lend their services to the downtown Stouffville drug store. They also house such items as the framed 1913 graduating class that included Milt Storey, who originally founded the business in the 1920's.  

Cliff Aiken, a merchant mariner in the Second World War, bought the store from Milt Storey in the mid 1950's. Rob Croxall credits Gord Davie, the Uxbridge pharmacy owner and mentor for whom he went to work after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science and Pharmacy in 1980. Rob paved the way for his own success as a pharmacist/entrepreneur. Rob purchased the pharmacy from Mr. Aiken in 1984 with 3 other pharmacists, including Gord.  Today, Rob is the only practicing pharmacist remaining out of the original partners. 

Rob 2019 (1).jpg

When Rob took over the pharmacy, in 1984, it was located 1 block east in a bare bones space with limited possibilities. In those days, he ran the business with just 4 part time employees. The pharmacy was moved to it's current location in 1996, and today, he employs over 20 staff members.


Today the pharmacy is a little bit of a throw back to what pharmacies were in the 1980's & 90's.  It carries a wide selection OTC remedies, nutritional supplements, health and beauty products, cosmetics, cards, gifts, jewellery and clothing.

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